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Indian Section of RADHWA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, established on 19th June 2004, is a premier English Medium Educational Institution affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education , Delhi (affiliation No. 5730021) up to senior secondary level (class XII) and certificated and accredited by the Ministry of Education, K.S.A (Lic No : - 197/c). From its humble beginning 11 years ago, the school has come to be recognized as an icon of excellence in the fast developing industrial city of Yanbu. At present it boasts of 800 students against 200 at its inception.


Although founded to meet the persistent demands of the Indian Community for quality education, the school is open to other expatriate communities as well. The school has been upgraded to +2 in 2010.





There are about 800 students in the school who belong to different nationalities like Indians, Pakistanis, Srilankans, Indonasians, Bangladeshis, Afghanis, Egyptians, Erriatarians, Sudaneese, Palestanians, Jordanians, Syrians, Nigerians and so many other countries. We have Saudi students also but only in K G classes as there is restriction from government. WE HAVE NOT ONLY MUSLIM STUDENTS BUT ALSO CHRISTIANS, HINDUS AND OTHER enjoy the same facilities without any distinction and discrimination. We are firm believers in SECULARISM. Our students’ community belongs to different strata of social and economic life and they speak different languages and the school provides them facilities to learn their own mother tongue and the regional languages. Radhwa International School – Yanbu has strength of 800 + students, 80 teaching staff.


The Parents of RISY are basically connected with the Employees of different companies which are located in Yanbu and the employers are from different parts of World.


So RISY has major responsibilities to support and train the next generation keeping in view the all over development of World.



English (First Language)

Hindi (Second Language)

Arabic / Urdu / Malayalam / Tamil / Guajarati /

Kannada / (Second Language/Third Languages)



Social Science


Certificate Subjects

General Knowledge

Moral Science / Islamic Studies / Saudi History


Physical Education



Radhwa International School focuses in all round development of the personality of students and their phycho motor development. During the academic year students undergous different activities which help them to get all the motor development. All the activities are organized on House Case - like Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. Fundays, Talent Hunt, Arts and Science Exhib



1. Eminent leadership

2. Well qualified and experienced staff

3. Spacious and air conditioned class rooms

4. Smart board enabled class rooms

5. Spacious assembly ground and grassy playground

6. Well equipped science lab

7. Computer Lab

8. Complete office automation software

9. Well advance designed website

10. School canteen + School store

11. Low Cost news paper subscription



We have spacious and well furnished library with modern and comfortable furniture. Books are issued on library card to all the students and teachers.



We have modern and well equipped laboratories for Computer, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics Laboratories.



School has a log fleet of latest model buses to provide transport facilities to all the students from all parts of Yanbu and R.C.


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