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We at RISY welcome students, who love learning, are inquisitive, confident and are well equipped to take advantage of all that our resource-rich school offers Whether a child is just approaching the age for pre-kindergarten or is ready to embark on a high school career, a love of learning is every student’s prerequisite to an excellent, broad and deep education. We create a positive environment in every classroom and on every playing field. Our faculty develops supportive, caring relationships with each student. We know that if students love learning, their ambition to pursue excellence becomes second nature.


Importance of RIS-AM

Established in 2011, RISY is US Accredited, college preparatory school, serving diversified student body through enriched American curriculum. RISY believes in academic excellence and revel in the legacy it has built in such a short span of time.



Admission Process

We are pleased that you are considering to become part of RISY community. We understand the importance of your decision when it comes to choose the right school for your children. We want the admissions process to be candid, helpful, and responsive.

Admission Policy


Admission Policy


We have an open admission policy regardless of nationality, race, creed or religion. Our objective is to welcome the students from diverse communities.


When to apply  

Admissions in RISY are competitive in nature. Generally the admission process is open from March to the end of September. However individual cases for admission can be considered upon request during the semester as well and can be evaluated on case by case basis. A visit to our school will provide you with a chance to tour our campus and meet with a member of our admissions staff.




Eligibility Criteria

We conduct admissions on merit basis. The acceptance varies from grade levels. The applicants must satisfy the criteria for admission. According to MOE (Ministry of Education of KSA) child’s age requirement must meet the grade placements as given in the chart below.
































Age cut-off: September 1st.  (This means that before September 1st all students must be of above mentioned ages.) However 3 months relaxation can be considered as well.


Admission Priority

The students are given priority based on the following.

  1. First Category:

Dependents of corporate sponsor employees.

  2. Second Category:

Siblings of students already enrolled at RIS.

  3. Third Category

Private self-sponsors.


Admission Test Guidelines:

We offer higher education standards. We reserve the right to test students’ academics level and their personality in order to make sure that they can cope up with our curriculum. Students will be evaluated by school counselor according to the chart given below.

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