The building…


The building is inspired by Japanese designer Takaharu Tezuka.


This ground-breaking design allows students to learn in a new and innovative way! 

The curriculum…


Radhwa KG follows the PYP system (Primary Years Programme), where students learn through activity based, learner-centred lessons designed to initiate self-thinking and discovery.


The books that are used are from Oxford Publications (Show and Tell) and the school is monitored by the MOE. 


There is also a strong Arabic and Islamic programme.


The classrooms…


Each classroom is fully equipped for the subject matter. Whether it’s the UOI classroom or the Mathematics, whatever the students need, it’s there.


Students rotate between classrooms according to their timetable


There are 5 subject classrooms for KG1 and KG2:

•UOI Class

•Math Class

•English Class

•Arabic and Islamic Classroom

•Robotics Class

Preschool do not rotate.


The library…


The building also boasts a state of the art library which includes a treehouse and educational tablets.


The playgrounds…


The KG has 2 separate playgrounds for the students. 


The one in the back is where students can play with bikes and the central one with slides and climbing bars.


The auditorium…


  • The auditorium serves many purposes for the KG. Students have their breakfast there with tables that fold out and in.

  • Students may also use the auditorium for playing sessions when the weather is too hot to go outside. There is a fixed maze and many interesting indoor activities for the students.

  • The auditorium is also used for morning assemblies, major activities and as an assembly point for bus pickup.


Clean environment programme…


Students are responsible for cleaning their classrooms, organising their stationary and their personal hygiene.


There is a strict no shoes policy inside the classrooms to maintain this cleanliness standard.


Field trips…


As part of our educational programme, students regularly embark on trips to discover more about their units. This not only enhances the learning process, but encourages the students to look for answers anywhere they go.


American Section girls    014-3573660
American Section boys   014-3570702

Indian Section                  014-3570700

Transportation:                0507838316


Our Location



P.B.NO  32006,     Yanbu: 41912